St. Joe Petroleum is your trusted partner for fuel, oils, lubricants and any accessory you might need from tank to nozzle. With our fleet of four tractor trailer transports, two auxiliary trucks, and four tank wagons, we can guarantee next business day bulk fuel delivery to you in Northwest Missouri, Northeast Kansas, and Southeast Iowa. Our fuel customers work with us to not only contract fuel at the right time, but also to develop fuel and equipment maintenance programs. Please see below for how we work with customers in your industry.


Our farming and agriculture customers trust us to not only fulfill their planting and harvest demand spikes, but to also deliver quality fuels and motor oils that will perform well in their high-dollar equipment after sitting dormant through cold Midwestern winters. For our ag customers, we offer the ability to contract a price for as short as a month and for as little as 100 gallons. We contract when they’re ready, but will proactively monitor the market and share insights, so they can make a well-informed, timely decision on their contracts.


Whether it be a heavy-duty excavator, a fleet of concrete trucks or an assortment of lawncare equipment, our commercial customers trust us to advise the correct lubricant application, determine the right ATF fluid, provide an efficient fuel and do it all while maintaining on-time delivery. We know that for our commercial customers the slightest amount of downtime can lead to huge losses and that the slightest improvements in efficiency can have trickle-down effects throughout the whole organization. That is why we work hard to provide state-of-the-art fuels and lubricants in a timely manner. We also provide customized fuel contracts to fit the need of short-term projects or long-term business objectives.


We take pride in the fact that our manufacturing partners across the region trust us to put the correct oil and fuel application in their equipment. When it is appropriate, we design and execute custom solutions to keep our customers running efficiently.


Our trucking customers need a solution for fuel and engine oils that will be effective across a variety of climates. We work hard to provide state-of-the-art solutions for our trucking customers because we know that the slightest improvement in efficiency can have ripple effects throughout the entire organization. We also share fuel market insights with our trucking customers to keep them informed on the best times to contract fuel, be it as little as 100 gallons and as short as one month.


We are certified by the United States Coast Guard to fill vessels on the Missouri River. We have met stringent certification requirements so that our dedicated trucks can offer safe, reliable and timely fuel deliveries to vessels directly on the water. We service all types of vessels.


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